Company background

Yourwifi Pte Ltd is a global MVNO that provides seamless wireless communications all over the world. More than 100 million travellers go overseas each year. It is crucial for them to stat connected while travelling abroad. We aim to meet the huge demand with our wifi rental service.


Tomohiro Furukawa

Managing Director

Tomohiro is an innovator. He started out as an IR consultant and has developed various businesses in Japan and Hong Kong and is an owner of a nail salon.
Now, Tomohiro is focusing on wifi rental services. With many years of experience in business management, he is set to bring Yourwifi to greater heights.


Kaylen Quek

Operations and Marketing Executive

Kaylen is in charge of customer service, including technical support and marketing communications.
With her professionalism in customer service, daily operations, a creative mind in graphic/animations design and jovial character, you will be assured of a quality service from Yourwifi.


Shirley Lim

Accounts Executive

Shirley is in charge of key accounts of Yourwifi, customer service and operations.
With her professionalism and an eye for detail. She ensures all aspects of account managing is well handled with smooth daily operations.

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