Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile wifi device?

A mobile wifi device provides you with internet connection on the go, without having to use expensive data roaming.

You will be able to access your email, social media, GPS and more anytime, anywhere.

How do I use it?

It is easy.
Simply turn on the wifi device. Using the wifi SSID and Password provided (labelled on the router), you may access the internet with any wifi-enabled devices.

Are there any data limit?

It will depends on the plan you select. For more information, check your data limit here

How do I rent the device?

You can place your order on our main page by keying in your departure date and arrival date.
A pouch containing the wifi router, USB cables and adaptor will be provided.

Do you allow walk–ins?

To avoid disappointment, kindly order and make a payment via the website to secure your device.

When can I collect/ return the device?

You may self-collect your device from our office 1 business day before your departure date and return the device 1 business day after your arrival date. No extra charges will be incurred for the 2 days as rental are only based on the days of usage.

However, kindly note that there will be a late payment fee of $20/day for late returns. Please review the Terms and Conditions page when you place your order.

Are there any delivery/ return shipping available?

There will be a delivery fee of $7/device for one way courier service to the address provided.
Do note that you have to book your device 2 business days in advance in order to opt for courier services.

I only need wifi on certain days during my trip. Can I just pay for the days I use wifi?

Unfortunately, no.
As long as you are holding on to the device, you will have to pay the rental charges. This is because we are unable to rent out your device to another customer during your travel period.

Can I just rent the SIM card without the device?

Unfortunately, we do not provide such service at the moment.
We have tested our sim cards and routers to make sure they are compatible for use in various countries. It saves you time without having to configure the settings.

What if I return the device late?

Unfortunately, there will be a late payment fee of S$20/day.

What if I want to extend my rental period during my trip?

If you wish to extend your rental days, kindly email us at
We will amend your order and send you a payment link accordingly.

What should I do if I face connection issues during my trip?

You may contact us via email if you have access to free wifi or call us at +65 6810 6621 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 6pm) and we will respond as soon as possible.

Why do I need to rent a wifi device? Some internet café provides free wifi!

Sure you can use the free wifi but the connection is static. If you need wifi on the go, use our wifi service 🙂

Is it safe to use public wifi abroad?

Free public wifi networks are not secured so your personal data might be at risk.

Yourwifi portable WiFi hotspots utilize WPA2 technology (the most up-to-date security for wireless data encryption.) Devices with WPA2 is secured and you will not have to worry about theft of your personal data.

I am on a business trip, can I log into my company’s email network securely?

Yourwifi devices provide VPN pass-through for IPSec and PPTP, ensuring the safe transmittal of data through your corporate account. Kindly check with your IT department if there are any restrictions to avoid technical difficulties during your trip.

Using the Mobile wifi

How do I set up the router?

No set up is required.

Simply turn on the wifi device once you arrive at your destination, connect and start using the internet!

How do I receive a receipt?

An order confirmation receipt will automatically be sent to the email address provided upon completion of payment for the order. You may also contact our customer care team via email at

How are the charges calculated?

Rental Charges are based on the number of days of your trip.

Are there instructions provided?

A user guide with step-by-step instructions will be included in your device pouch.

Which countries will the wifi device work in?

We have wifi devices available for use in 70+ countries. Do select the destination of your choice when you order online.

What if there are changes to my itinerary and I need wifi in additional countries?

Kindly notify us as soon as possible, latest 2 business days before your device pick up date, via However, kindly note that we are unable to guarantee stock availability due to any last minute changes.

Payment Details

How do I make a payment?

You may place your order on our main page via paypal or debit/credit card.

Will I be billed every time I turn on the wifi device?

No, you will only pay a flat rate upfront for your order. As long as you don’t exceed your data limit, no further charges will be incurred.

What if I lose or break the device?

If a device is lost, stolen or broken, penalty fees will apply. Kindly review our Terms and Conditions page for the list of charges. If you like, you may opt for insurance coverage at $2/day.

One More Question?

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