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Yourwifi Pte Ltd
December 16th, 2016

The following are the Terms and Conditions for rentals of products and services from Yourwifi Pte. Ltd. In order to place an order to our company, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions below. It is your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions completely and thoroughly, so please do not hesitate to contact Yourwifi Pte.Ltd., if you have any questions.

Yourwifi Pte. Ltd. (“YOURWIFI”) and you (the “Customer”) hereby agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) with respect to the products and services offered by YOURWIFI to the Customer of the wireless communication device and peripheral equipment (the “Equipment”), including, but not limited to, wireless devices, SIM cards, data cards, mobile hotspots, user guides, chargers, adapters, and related or additional services (the “Services”) which are described herein or included in any agreement between the Customer and YOURWIFI for products and/or services (“Agreement”).

  1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
    1. If the Customer places an order via YOURWIFI’s web site (https://yourwifi.com.sg), this will constitute the Customer’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
    2. You confirm all information you provide herein are nothing but the truth and the fact. Yourwifi will not be liable for any liabilities or whatsoever and it will fall under customers’ responsibilities once you accept this Terms and Condition.
  2. Authorization
    1. If the Customer is an entity other than an individual, the person signing the Agreement represents and warrants that he or she has been properly authorized and empowered to enter into the Agreement on behalf of such entity.
    2. The Customer authorizes YOURWIFI to verify the Customer’s creditworthiness with a credit reporting agency.
  3. Equipment Delivery
    1. For local delivery option, an order for Equipment must be placed by the Customer before three thirty (3:30) PM SGT (UTC-8) of three (3) working days prior to the departure day, Mondays to Fridays (no orders are proceeded on weekends and national holidays). Any orders which YOURWIFI received after three thirty (3:30) PM, then the Equipment order will be considered to be placed on the next business day.
    2. For pickup by customer at the Yourwifi office, the Customer should place an order before three thirty (03:30)PM of one (1) day prior to the departure date. The pickup timing of the Equipment: One day before the departure 10:00am to 05:30pm (weekdays Only)
    3. The Customer has the option to either pick up the Equipment at our office, or being delivered the Equipment to the Customer’s address. In case of delivery option, the Customer will be charged for shipping.
    4. YOURWIFI will take responsibility for the Equipment during transportation to the Customer’s address as designated by the Customer in case of delivery option.
    5. Local delivery dates are business days (non-holidays) Mondays through Fridays, between 8.30am to 6.00pm.
    6. YOURWIFI will make reasonable efforts to deliver the Equipment prior to the requested departure date (the date the Customer is schedule to leave the country), but it shall not incur any liability in the event of any delay caused by force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control.
    7. If for any reason the Customer fails to receive the Equipment despite the fact that the Equipment is delivered on or before such date, the Customer shall nevertheless be liable for the stated rental charge and any applicable cancellation charge per the Terms and Conditions in which the Equipment was ordered.
    8. If the Customer is not present when the Equipment is delivered to the Customer’s address, the Customer is considered to have authorized third party to receive the equipment on behalf and YOURWIFI and its agent or delivery company to drop off the Equipment at the Customer’s shipping address. From the time the Equipment is delivered to the Customer’s address, the Customer is responsible for the care of the Equipment.
  4. Return of Equipment
    1. Unless otherwise agreed with YOURWIFI, the Customer shall return the Equipment to YOURWIFI at the end of the rental period at the designated return address in good working order and in the same condition as when it was delivered to the Customer. The Customer shall return the Equipment at Customer’s convenience. All charges will accrue to the Customer, and the Customer will remain liable for any charges and any damage to the Equipment while the Equipment is in transit. Equipment returned with any components or pieces missing will be deemed missing and the Customer will be charged in an amount equal to the damage charge of the Equipment in accordance with Article 5, Section 6 below unless the Customer has purchased insurance coverage.
    2. From the end of the rental period, the Customer has one (1) business day to return the Equipment to YOURWIFI in case of drop off at our office option (YOURWIFI office hour is from 9:30AM to 6:15(PM) Mondays to Fridays. Late fees will begin to accrue on the second (2nd) business day after the rental period ends for outbound Service. The Customer has two (2) business day to return the Equipment to YOURWIFI in case of delivery option. Late fees begin to accrue on the second (3nd) business day after the rental period ends for outbound Service.
  5. Charges
    1. Rental period – The number of days between the Departure date and Return date.
    2. The Customer will pay daily charges from the day of the Departure date (the date in which the Customer departs Singapore) until the Return date (the date in which the Customer returns to Singapore), specified in the Terms and Conditions until the Equipment is returned to and accepted in writing by YOURWIFI. The rental charges apply to full days only (not fractional days).
    3. Collection of the device can only be done 1 working day before the Departure date. Any earlier collection than the stated collection date in the confirmation email, will incur extra daily rental fees.
    4. YOURWIFI is entitled to bill the Customer, on a delayed basis, at any time after the Equipment has been returned for any and all charges for which the Customer shall be responsible pursuant hereto, whether or not YOURWIFI is aware of such charges at the time of the return of the Equipment. All charges and other amounts billed pursuant to this Agreement are payable by the Customer at the end of the Rental period, or if not computed at the end of the rental period, then upon demand given by YOURWIFI to the Customer.
    5. The rental charge is charged to the Customer’s credit card when the Equipment is returned to and accepted by YOURWIFI. YOURWIFI shall be entitled to charge ay late payment fees.
    6. Late payment fees will commence on the second (2nd) business day after your return to Singapore (described at Article IV, Section2). The Equipment should be mailed on the first (1st) business day after the return to avoid late fees. Late payment fees of SGD20/day are charged at the standard daily rate, per day/per unit.
    7. Pricing. The following are the prices charged for YOURWIFI’s Equipment and Services. All prices are in Singapore Dollars.
      1. Late Payment Fee : SGD20.00/day will impose from the 2nd or 3rd day (depending on the option selected) per day.
      2. Cancellation Policy(Part 1) : There will be no refund for cancellations (requested strictly through email) less than 2 business days prior to the date of departure indicated in the order.
      3. Cancellation Policy(Part 2): For cancellations made more than 2 business days prior to the date of departure indicated in the order, 50% of the order price will be refunded.
      4. Shipping : Shipping will be $7 per device pouch per location by (Routewerkz Pte Ltd), international shipping is not available. Extra charges, payable directly in exact cash to the courier company upon delivery/collection, are applicable for the following:
      5. Multiple device pouches per location
      6. Ad-hoc delivery/collection
      7. Delivery/collection on Weekends, Public Holidays, special timings (before 8.30am or after 6.00pm) and/or urgent delivery
      8. Failed attempts to deliver the device due to csutomers’ negligence or in the event that he/she is uncontactable via phone or email, provided wrong contact number, no show or not adhering to arranged delivery timings. Charges applicable will be based on prevailing courier delivery/collection rates.
      9. Insurance : $2/day per unit
      10. Loss / Damages and related charges
      11. For unlimited plans : If 7GB or more is used within a day, the respective country’s local telco may disrupt the service due to suspicion of criminal usage. It may take hours to recover the service. Refund requests for service disruptions deemed due to abnormally high usage will not be considered.
      12. Data usage of 400MB or more, regardless of plans and pricing, shall be considered as 1 day of rental cost and will not be considered for rental refunds.
Loss / Total Damage Without Insurance (SGD) With Insurance (SGD)
Carrying Case $15.00/ each $0.00
Converter Plug $50.00/ each $20.00/ each (not applicable for Japan)
WiFi Router Device and SIM $300.00/ each $100.00/ each (not applicable for Japan)
Accessory $25.00 / each $0.00
Portable Charger $50.00/ each $20.00/ each (not applicable for Japan)
User Guide $5.00/ each $0.00
    • if the Customer is having any difficulty with using the Services while at the destination, the Customer must notify YOURWIFI within the rental period in order to qualify for any possible refund or discount to a charge. Any refund or discount to a charge is provided solely at YOURWIFI’s discretion.
    • The Customer must notify YOURWIFI in writing of any final disputes regarding charges within seven (7) days of the receipt of the invoice, or final payment notification, containing the disputed charge, otherwise the right to dispute the charge will be waived. YOURWIFI may charge the Customer for any such excessive usage. Examples of excessive usage may include prolonged video streaming, multi-user connection to a wireless router using out of the Customer’s designated country and downloading large files over an extended period, and where YOURWIFI has incurred additional charges or been subject to a warning about exceeding a fair usage policy from the network.
    • The Customer is responsible for rental charges, usage charges, all applicable taxes, cancellation fees, late payment fees, charges for damaged Equipment, charges for insurance coverage (if selected), shipping charges (if applicable) and other charges and fees through the end of the rental period or until the Equipment is returned to YOURWIFI as provided herein, whichever is later, whether or not the Customer personally uses the Equipment or makes the calls for which the usage charges are imposed. Cancellation fee will apply once the shipment notification has been sent. Cancellation after the Equipment is received by the Customer is prohibited.
    • YOURWIFI is not responsible for international calls made during the customer’s trip. All contact should be made via E-mail and Whatsapp.


  1. Payment and Mode of Payment
    1. By providing YOURWIFI with a credit card, the Customer represents that he or she is authorized to make charges on such account.
    2. YOURWIFI accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
    3. At YOURWIFI’s sole discretion, we may establish invoicing for corporate or other Customers
  2. Payment note
    1. Upon completing registration, your card may be authorized for $1. This is for credit card verification purpose and any charges that appear on your statement are temporary.
  3. Use of Equipment
    1. A printed user guide will be provided together with the Equipment.
    2. The Customer shall use the Equipment in a careful and proper manner and in accordance with the instructions of the user guide and in no other manner.
    3. The Customer agrees that he or she will not:
      1. Use of the Equipment in any country not listed in the original order for purposes other than the setup and configuration. In the event the Customer uses the Equipment in any other country not listed on the order form, YOURWIFI will charge $0.08/KB for data used. YOURWIFI reserves the right as stated in Article V, Section 3 to charge the Customer’s credit card on a delayed basis.
      2. Repair or modify to the Equipment, or attempt to reverse engineer the Equipment;
      3. Remove or interfere with any certification labellings affixed to the Equipment;
      4. Deface or add to the Equipment;
      5. Sublet or allow the use of the Equipment by any third party;
      6. Attempt to dispose of the Equipment, or encumber or grant any interest in the Equipment to any third party.
    4. Without the insurance option, in the event of any loss, damage, theft of the Equipment during rental period, regardless of circumstances, the Customer shall pay to YOURWIFI on demand, an amount equivalent to the value of the Equipment in accordance with the damage charges in Article V, Section 6. In the event the Equipment is stolen or lost, the Customer is liable for all charges on such Equipment until it is deactivated by the cellular carrier.
    5. During the rental period of the Equipment, the Customer should contact YOURWIFI with any trouble or customer support issues in order to provide YOURWIFI with the opportunity to resolve any difficulties.
    6. YOURWIFI does not guarantee the use of voice over IP (VoIP) applications such as Skype, Google Voice, Hangout, Slack, and VPN, and other 3rd party apps or services and not limited others. To use such 3rd parties services, configuration on apps/services shall be done by Customers. YOURWIFI provides Internet access.
  4. Loss or Damaged Equipement

In the event that the Equipment has been lost, damaged, stolen, or disappeared, the Customer should notify YOURWIFI (+65-6669-5637) immediately by phone (contact number provided in User’s manual) or email (info@yourwifi.mobi).

  1. Repaire or Damaged Equipment
    1. If the Equipment is not in working order when received by the Customer or subsequently malfunctions, the Customer shall notify YOURWIFI immediately.
    2. YOURWIFI will repair or replace the Equipment as soon as possible after YOURWIFI has been notified of the problem by the Customer, and provided that the Customer is not in breach of this Agreement, YOURWIFI will provide the Customer with the same or similar equipment (which shall constitute the Equipment for purposes of this Agreement) as soon as possible for a period equivalent to the part of the rental period unexpired when the malfunction occurred.
    3. If YOURWIFI finds that the Equipment reported as faulty is in working order, then the Customer shall pay the cost of collection and delivery of the replaced Equipment in addition to any handling charges occurred.
  2. Theft, Loss and Damage Protection
    1. If the Customer has purchased for insurance, then the Customer will not be liable to pay for the full damage charge of the Equipment as otherwise required in the Article V, Section 6.
    2. This Section will only apply if;(a) the Customer has purchased for insurance, and (b) the Equipment is not returned to YOURWIFI in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions due to theft, accidental loss, or inoperable due to accidental damage.
    3. In order to exercise this coverage under insurance, the Customer shall immediately notify YOURWIFI when the theft or accidental loss or damage to the Equipment happened. This initial notice should be via phone (+65-6669-5637) and also must be followed by written notice (info@yourwifi.mobi) within forty-eight (48) hours. The written notice shall; (a) describe in detail the facts surrounding the theft, loss or damage, including the date of same, and (b) identify the name of the YOURWIFI representative contacted immediately after the loss, as well as the date and time of such contact. Upon request, the Customer must provide the evidence of theft or loss by submitting a copy of a written police report to YOURWIFI.
  3. Ownership
    • 1. The Equipment will at all times remain the property of YOURWIFI. The Customer has no rights other than temporary use. During the rental period, no service or part replacements are authorized without the written approval of YOURWIFI
  4. Termination
    1. The use of the Equipment and all Services may be terminated or deactivated without notice by YOURWIFI upon any of the following events: (a) YOURWIFI has any reason to believe that the Equipment was obtained by any misrepresentation or fraudulent means; (b) YOURWIFI has any reason to believe that any meter on the Equipment has been tampered with; (c) YOURWIFI has any reason to believe that the Equipment is or may be used for any illegal or improper purpose, or in violation of applicable laws; (d) YOURWIFI detects a breach of any of these Terms and Conditions including the payment terms; or (e) YOURWIFI detects unusually high usage, or possible theft or fraud. YOURWIFI may also, at its discretion and in addition to other remedies available hereunder at law or in equity, take immediate possession of the Equipment without being obliged to repay any portion of the rental charges. YOURWIFI may also terminate these Terms and Conditions without any liability whatsoever in the event that the Services are not available to YOURWIFI or become unavailable for any reason. No remedy of YOURWIFI shall be exclusive of any other remedy whether provided herein or available at law or in equity, but shall be cumulative with other remedies.
    2. Should the Customer (a) obtain the Equipment by any misrepresentation or fraudulent means, or (b) tamper with the Equipment, or (c) use the Equipment for any illegal or improper purpose, or in violation of applicable laws, or (d) otherwise commit a breach of these Terms and Conditions, then YOURWIFI may, at its discretion and in addition to other remedies available hereunder at law or in equity, (i) terminate this Agreement, (ii) immediately terminate all Services to the Customer, and (iii) take immediate possession of the Equipment without being obliged to repay any portion of the rental charges.
  5. Applicable Law
    • This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Singapore, without giving effect to its choice of laws or provisions. Any legal action or similar proceedings shall be instituted and held in Singapore, and the Customer consents to the exclusive venue and jurisdiction of the courts in Singapore. In addition, this Agreement is subject to applicable foreign, federal and state laws and tariffs.
  6. Liability, In-Country Service, and Representations
    1. Fair Usage Policy (FUP): In some countries, a Fair Usage Policy may be in place in accordance with the business practices of the local internet service provider. If an FUP is in place, it may limit the transfer of a specific amount of data over a period of time. Internet service providers commonly apply a cap on the amount of wireless data when an individual user has exceeded a certain amount of data within a specified time period, which can result in a slowdown of the connection speed. The Customer acknowledges that an FUP may be in place and accepts this possibility, and the Customer will not hold YOURWIFI liable for any FUP, slowdown, or related issues which could affect the performance of the Equipment or the Customer’s usage experience. Fore more detail about Fair Usage Policy, please refer here. In some case, if customer used huge data in a short period of time, local internet service provider sometimes may consider it criminal usage, then local internet service provider may cease the line for a while until local internet service provider confirm that it is not criminal usage. It may occur without precaution. In this case, YOURWIFI shall do best effort to inform to local internet service provider that the line is not usage for criminal.
    2. YOURWIFI warrants that the Equipment will be in working order when it is delivered to the Customer, but YOURWIFI cannot be responsible for the performance of the Equipment or the operation of the networks to which the Equipment is connected. The Customer acknowledges that the Services may be temporarily interrupted (including dropped calls or weak signals), delayed, or otherwise limited due to a variety of causes, including, but not limited to, transmission limitations or interruptions, atmospheric conditions, system capacity limitations, network coverage, cell tower location, wireless signal strength, network system, or equipment failure. The Customer’s particular geographic location within a country, building, or structure, as well as a variety of other related causes, may also affect the Equipment performance. The Customer is also responsible for checking the local operator’s or carrier’s network coverage map (if any) to affirm that network coverage is available in the Customer’s desired geographic location.
    4. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer shall be solely responsible for and shall indemnify and hold harmless YOURWIFI against all claims, demands and liability arising as a result of the lease, possession, use, condition, operation or misuse of the Equipment by the Customer or third parties, or of the Services provided hereunder, whether in breach of these Terms and Conditions or otherwise arising howsoever. This indemnity provision shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
    6. The Customer shall be liable to YOURWIFI for all expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, collection fees and court costs incurred in connection with any collection, repossession or other action brought to enforce YOURWIFI’s rights under this Agreement.
    7. YOURWIFI reserves the right to deactivate the Equipment at any time and without notice to the Customer, in the event that YOURWIFI detects unusually high usage or possible fraud in accordance with general operating practices and procedures in the cellular industry, and YOURWIFI shall have no liability whatsoever to the Customer for such deactivation.
  7. General
    1. The headings in this Agreement are for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the meaning or construction of the Terms and Conditions contained herein.
    2. No waiver by YOURWIFI of any breach of this Agreement shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision hereof.
    3. This Agreement cannot be assigned or transferred by the Customer, nor can this Agreement be modified (or any provision waived or modified) except by written instrument signed by YOURWIFI or its authorized agent. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between YOURWIFI and the Customer with regard to the subject matter hereof, and there are no other representations, conditions, warranties, guarantees, or collateral agreements, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, concerning the use or rental of the Equipment or the Services, other than as set forth herein.
    4. YOURWIFI is not liable for any lack of privacy or security which may be experienced with regard to the Services. The Customer authorizes YOURWIFI’s monitoring and recording of calls or data concerning the Customer’s account or the Services and consents to YOURWIFI’s use of automatic dialing equipment to contact the Customer. YOURWIFI has the right to intercept and disclose transmissions in order to protect its rights or property.
    5. All prices that described in ANNEX 1 might be changed without any prior notification.
    6. Customers are obliged to check and ensure all items issued are in the pouch before handing it over to the courier company. In the occurrence of missing items, Customer shall be liable for any handling charges or return shipping fees.
  • Y points
    1. Y points are provided by only Yourwifi Pte Ltd through website https://yourwifi.com.sg. Other than this, Y points are not available. Y points can be used for only Yourwifi services. Usage for Y points and its terms are determined and disclosed by Yourwifi and only Yourwifi. Yourwifi has the right to amend, revise, or terminate the service of Y points without any prior notifications
    2. Y points can be obtained by registering as a member on Yourwifi website at https://yourwifi.com.sg. Only users who hold Yourwifi accounts can get Y points through their orders and can use Y points for discount of orders.
    3. Y points are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Any unused Y points will be expired without prior notification. Y points shall be issued only by Yourwifi Pte Ltd and not by any others. Yourwifi Pte Ltd does not entertain and accept any fraud or fake Y points obtained from sources other than Yourwifi Pte Ltd. Y points is considered as SGD 1 discount for orders of services of Yourwifi. Y points can not be used with other promotion coupon code or other promotion campaign simultaneously.
    4. To enjoy Y points, minimum transaction of $10.00 is required. Y points cannot be utilized when final charge after using Y points are lower than $10.00. Minimum amount of Y points to be used is 1.
    5. Y points can not be used for trip extension charge after departure. Y points can NOT be refunded when orders are canceled.
      1. Y points are not transferable
      2. Y points are not exchangeable to cash nor any other monetary forms
      3. In case of cancellation of orders by customers, Y points are not refundable

    These Terms and Conditions may be amended or modified by YOURWIFI in its discretion at any time by notifying the Customer of such changes either by a note on the website presented immediately after completion of the log in by the Customer, or by email to the Customer, or by any other reasonable means.

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