Top 7 most unique / funniest hotels around the world

Accommodation can be one of the most excitements for your trips. It is where you can truly relax and have a precious sleep after a long day of tour and visiting places.

But if you love adventure and love something new, you might find these hotels to be your accommodation for your next trip.

1. Under water hotel, Poseidon Undersea Resorts – Fiji

They are now building under water chapels for weddings, bars and restaurant as well.


2. Salt and Sill Hotel – Sweden

The opposite of Poseidon Underwater hotel, this hotel is build on top of the sea.
White as being the motif of all the rooms gives very soothing and refreshing atmosphere once you enter the room. You will love the view of Scandinavian Sea.


3. Sewer Pipe Hotel – Austria
This hotel is made from real second hand sewer pipes, and located at a park. There is only 1 bed and 1 lamp.
Very simple, very small but there is no fixed rate for the room. You can even pay just 10 cents !

4. Prison hotel – Alcatraz hotel – Germany
This ex prison has not changed any of its interior, you will experience what it is like to be a prisoner.
The rate is around $60 per night.
Expensive , or cheap?


5. A lifeboat hotel- Capsule hotel – Netherlands
Hotel room is quite spacious than it seems, however the bed is a hammock.
The rate starts from $95 per night.

6. Airplane Suites – Netherlands
This airplane used to be an jet specially for government.
It allows up to 2 persons to stay in this hotel, but it has full facility of Jacuzzi, Sauna, Shower, Bar, TV, DVD.
What’s more interesting is for any assistance, there will be a flight attendant coming right away to assist you.
Rate is around $200 per night.

7. The Village Cave Hotel – Turkey

This hotel is also registered as a world’s heritage. It is definitely a valuable stay and maybe you will even feel what it was like to live in a cave for cave men !
Rates starts from apprx. $200 per night

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